Welcome to Namibia Medical Society

Namibia Medical Society will work hand-in-hand with the ministry of health and social services and the community at large to enhance health service delivery to the people of Namibia, while at the same time drive and hold at heart the needs, interest and priorities of the medical doctors working in the both the public and private sectors. Because of effective health education programmes, the HIV pandemic and TB, the number of people seeking for health service has increased significantly in the past years, at a rate that clearly exceeds the input of qualified medical professionals in the public health service. On the other hand, this is complemented by an increased exit of medical professionals from the public health service into the private sector. Again with time, more and more Namibian are requiring specialized medical services. Many Namibian medical doctors are in post-graduate programmes, most of them in South Africa, specializing in different fields with view to meet the public demand of specialized medical services.

First ever Lifetime Achievement Award


First Paedriatic Congress



Namibia Medical Society is a young non governmental professional organization that strives and emphasizes on a continuous, cost-effective and efficient health service provision to the people of Namibia through the existing medical capacity and capability, while simultaneously fight to strengthen these through input of new medical progress information and health policy development.