Emergency Medicine and Trauma Congress

The Namibia Medical Society (NMS) hereby announces to its members and the entire medical fraternity, the upcoming Emergency Medicine and Trauma congress to be held on 03rd & 4th October 2014 at the UNAM Medical School.


At Namibia Medical Society, we always strive to keep abreast with the health needs and demands of a country that is changing before our eyes. In the past we have placed emphasis on infectious diseases such as HIV and Tuberculosis and the impact that these disease have on our population. Recently in 2012, we hosted a Paediatric Congress, where we looked at plight of the vulnerable and defenceless in our society. We looked at ways in which health care professionals at the frontline of paediatric conditions could make an impact by equipping themselves with knowledge and becoming advocates for their patients.

This year we have focussed our attention on two themes. The first is trauma, which our Namibian culture is very accustomed to. We can all recollect images of loved ones that have unexpectedly left us in the prime of their lives. Trauma ranges from the employee injured at work, to the victims of the carnage that is being played out on our national roads everyday including drivers and pedestrians. Furthermore, scientific research points to the importance of the golden hour in trauma management.

This implies that the first responders which include emergency medicine personnel should manage and stabilise patients properly within the first hour to improve survival outcomes of victims of trauma. The recently issued commission of Health Enquiry highlighted the many challenges facing the health sector in the country particularly in the remote settlements and villages of our beautiful land that do not have access to health facilities and personnel adequately trained to handle trauma particularly in the golden hour. We hope that by supporting this initiative that health professionals can equip themselves critically save more lives as anyone at any time can be a victim of a tragic traumatic event. 

The 2 concurrent theme is Emergency Medicine that can also strike at any time without a moment's notice. We are witnessing the increasing trend of lifestyle diseases in our country. These include diseases such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, strokes, ischaemic heart disease that can be silent killers. It is vitally important that health professionals are competent in handling these conditions and continue to educate the patients that they treat and encounter in adopting a healthier life.

For more information about registration and fees, and the registration form, kindly download this brochure .


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