Aims & Objectives

  1. Establish and maintain a close contact and pro-actively interact with state doctors and local health authorities in order to keep abreast with state doctor’s needs, interests and priorities and evaluate the viability of proposed policies/strategies to tackle them.
  2. Draft and periodically update a state doctor’s health service delivery guidelines manual which will cover:
    • Public health service delivery guidelines
    • Health and law in public health service
    • State doctor's salary and remuneration
    • State doctor's occupational/ health insurance
    • Public health working environment maintenance and development
  3. Engage in public health policy development programmes, especially medical undergraduate, post-graduate, and specialized health services in Namibia.
  4. Establish and maintain an awareness campaign and state doctor’s day-forum where local and international medical advances and research works are discussed.
  5. Encourage members to actively participate and closely follow the MoHSS policy development programmes that are directed to enhance the existing medical working force capacity and capability in the state owned institutions.
  6. Engage state doctors to be the forefront of the public health service, develop delivery guidelines and requirements.
  7. Collaboration with the MoHSS to create incentives to retain doctors within the public health sector; especially in rural areas.


Namibia Medical Society is a young non governmental professional organization that strives and emphasizes on a continuous, cost-effective and efficient health service provision to the people of Namibia through the existing medical capacity and capability, while simultaneously fight to strengthen these through input of new medical progress information and health policy development.