Executive Committe

1. Dr. Herman Shitaleni (Chairman)

2. Dr. Wilson Benjamin (Vice Chairman)

3. Dr. Akutu Munyika (Secretary General)

4. Mr. Lucky T. Murangi (Deputy Secretary General)

5. Dr. Tumweneni Nghaamwa (PRO)

6. Dr. Juanita Eises (Treasurer)

7. Dr. Johannes Nghaamwa (Ordinary Exco member)

8. Dr. Michael Tune (Ordinary Exco member)

9. Dr. David Uirab (Ordinary Exco member)


Namibia Medical Society is a young non governmental professional organization that strives and emphasizes on a continuous, cost-effective and efficient health service provision to the people of Namibia through the existing medical capacity and capability, while simultaneously fight to strengthen these through input of new medical progress information and health policy development.