Occupational Health congress

It is herewith that we will host our 4th annual congress, with occupational health being the centre focus of our congress. With an impressive program of local and international speakers. The congress will be a two-day event (Friday and Saturday), including a pre-workshop on Thursday.

The congress looks to engage the medical industry in Namibia on the benefits of educating on occupational health and the risks that come with the negligence of occupational health. This will be complimented by talks on the medical issues we face in Namibia namely fraudulent sick leave, PSEMAS and overcharges Namibians face when seeking medical attention. We have a buzz of activities that will happen over a three-day span.

The international speakers are; Dr. J. Blumberg, Mr. Strasheim, Dr. B Kistanasamy, Dr. J. Lapere, Dr. Cisse and Dr. Ledibane.

The speakers range from South Africa and Senegal.

The Namibian speakers are; Dr. Roh, Dr. Iitana, Dr. Herman and Dr. Sharrif




New leadership elected

A new Executive Committee (Exco) was elected at the NMS Annual General Meeting (AGM) which was held on Saturday 01st December 2012 at the Windhoek Central Hospital Chapel.

Haufiku steps down

Founding Chairperson of the Namibia Medical Society (NMS), Dr Bernard Haufiku has officially stepped down as the Chairperson of the Society.


Namibia Medical Society is a young non governmental professional organization that strives and emphasizes on a continuous, cost-effective and efficient health service provision to the people of Namibia through the existing medical capacity and capability, while simultaneously fight to strengthen these through input of new medical progress information and health policy development.